Laura’s Quilts

My older daughter (That’s Sis, if you read my other blog)  caught the quilting bug! She does beautiful work, and seems to be better at focusing,  i.e. finishing one project up before she starts another, than I am! Here are a couple of little things she made me. She’s also made scads of baby quilts, several full sized ones, zipper pouches, sewing kits, and table runners!

image image

Here’s her gorgeous Ricky Tims convergence quilt!


And a quick and easy Missouri Star herringbone table runner.



Easy Strip-Pieced Log Cabin Table Runner Class

I read about strip piecing log cabin blocks and was amazed. I had a French General jelly roll and decided to try it. Easy! I taught a class at Hall to Wall in Warren too, and we all learned lots. I also made placemats from an Ambleside jelly roll. image image image image Yimage image image image

French General Table Topper

After I made the shop sample for The Vintage Owl, the owner told me to pick out some fabric for a trade- I got this gorgeous Moda French General layer cake and jelly roll! I searched Pinterest and all over the Intraweb, and decided to make a giant half-square triangle star. I did free motion wavy-line quilting and bound it using a faux piping trick I learned from Ricky Tims. I’ve taught a class on it too– it works up super quickly and easily! PS you can also make a small table topper using charm squares, or cut your own size!

image image imageimage

I used layer cake squares and a jelly roll strip on the back just to make it more interesting.

And here’s a small one I made from charm squares. The blue floral print was from the Grandmother stash from the 80s! Looks like it was made specially for this fabric. image image

Here are projects from my classes. I always love seeing how different each one turns out!

image image image


AdornIt Shop Sample



We have a new quilt shop in the works in my home town of Silsbee, Texas! It’s called the Vintage Owl and it is going in one of our historic buildings downtown. I met the owner and told her I’d love to help keep her in business! I made this sample for her from a kit she’d gotten from AdornIt, and I just love it! I had just begun getting a bit more serious about my accuracy, so the half-square triangle border was quite a challenge! I really like the layout: the center part is just a plain piece that works as a canvas for the “pictures” of the owls. You could use anything  the same way.

image image




Plan Bee– Charity Quilts

My friend Laurie, my stepmom Mama G, and I joined our local quilt guild after taking a class from longtime member Dot Collins in July 2014. I made name tags for us! It’s the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild and it has good programs; I’ve learned a lot!


In learning about “quilt culture,” we found out that within guilds are many bees, small we groups where people actually sew and do projects. Some are highly organized, with officers, minimum project and fabric swap participation requirements, and others are more loosely organized. We decided to form one (we’ve since added our friend Michelle; I need to make a tag for her!) that is VERY loose… As in bring what you’re working on loose. It’s good to have a day set aside where sewing and visiting with friends is THE priority of the day.

We pondered a name for our bee for a long time and finally decided on Plan Bee, because it seems that nothing we do turns out like we expected it to! It’s never ugly– just different. As Dot told us, there are no mistakes, only creative opportunities! Sometimes we get to Plan C, D, E, and F!

The Community Service group in our guild puts together  kits from donated fabric that we can check out to sew, and sometimes people piece a quilt and it just needs quilting. We donate to Veterans’ organizations and our local Boys’ Haven, a temporary housing facility for boys taken from their homes. Our goal is to give every boy a quilt they can take home with them when they return. Michelle pieced these:


Laurie has a new Longarm quilter and she has quilted 2 and pieced and quilted 1 but we didn’t get pictures!


I made 2 with these fabrics from the Grandmother stash. I practiced my free motion quilting and could see it improving! I didn’t mark anything but I did use the squares as landmarks. I made my diet mitered border… You would know I’d do that with a stipe! But I was happy with the way they turned out, and hopefully some little boys have quilts they will use and love.


I quilted these 2:



and pieced this one from kits I picked up from  the community service group at Guild.

image image

So, our Plan Bee count as of July 2015 is

pieced tops: 4

quilted: 4

complete quilts: 3

Mike’s Christmas Quilt


In my first quilting life I made 2 quilts inspired by an Amish design I saw in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. I gave the larger blue one to our son when he moved out and it stayed with him for 10 years, getting well and truly used! (Which I think is a good thing) So I decided it was time for a new one and Christmas 2014 would be a perfect time. I looked for manly designs and found this one on Pinterest- it was for sale as a kit, and it inspired me. image

I decided to use all blacks, whites, and grays. I pulled fabric from the Grandmother stash, some from a stash that some ladies at church had contributed, and from Mama G. Then I saw the Texas fabric, which was bordered and highlighted in black, and realized that the pops of color would be perfect!

I cut 1 1/2″, 2″, and 3″ x WOF strips from all these fabrics and strip pieced them in 15″ blocks. Then I cut them 6 1/2″ wide, and sewed them together till they were (I think) about 80″. (He’s 6’3″.)

I had to buy the black for sashing- that was kind of funny; I went to Hall to Wall with some strips and told Jim what I needed. He brought out his first choice and I liked it, but of course had to try out all the others. After pulling no telling how many bolts, I went with the first one he’d shown me!

I quilted in the ditch all the way down along both sides of the sashing and about every 6 inches of strips. It was quilted but not bound when he came home for our family Christmas, so he had to wait till the next visit to get it!

image image  image

Grandmother’s Scrap Quilt

Shortly after I began quilting a friend called with 2 questions– unrelated! First, she had lots of fabric from her grandmother, who is no longer able to sew, and would I like it? Uh, YES. Second– and regardless of my answer, I can still have the fabric– would I consider making a quilt for Grandmother using some of her fabric? Of course!

So I cut 6″ strips, then sub it into 6″ squares from many of the fabrics, with the idea that I wanted to use as many different fabrics as possible; after all, Grandmother had presumably chosen it all and liked it. I fooled around with different design ideas.


I used my Quilting Wizard app to experiment. An Around the  World and other orderly color designs were discarded since they wouldnt use many colors- so I ended up with a simple patchwork, putting together light/dark 4-patches. I  separated stacks of light, dark, and medium; then began pairing up. (A black and white photo helps determine color value, or light/dark quality.) Of course the mediums did double duty depending on what they paired up with. After the 4-patches were constructed I sewed them together into rows, being careful not to place any repeated fabric too close together.


I quilted diagonally-having read somewhere that diagonal lines create movement– and was pleased with the outcome.I was pleased with my corners! I’m still working on getting my binding right consistently, but Jenny Doan and Kimberly Jolly have helped me with the corners. Thank you Jesus for YouTube!


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