Grandmother’s Scrap Quilt

Shortly after I began quilting a friend called with 2 questions– unrelated! First, she had lots of fabric from her grandmother, who is no longer able to sew, and would I like it? Uh, YES. Second– and regardless of my answer, I can still have the fabric– would I consider making a quilt for Grandmother using some of her fabric? Of course!

So I cut 6″ strips, then sub it into 6″ squares from many of the fabrics, with the idea that I wanted to use as many different fabrics as possible; after all, Grandmother had presumably chosen it all and liked it. I fooled around with different design ideas.


I used my Quilting Wizard app to experiment. An Around the  World and other orderly color designs were discarded since they wouldnt use many colors- so I ended up with a simple patchwork, putting together light/dark 4-patches. I  separated stacks of light, dark, and medium; then began pairing up. (A black and white photo helps determine color value, or light/dark quality.) Of course the mediums did double duty depending on what they paired up with. After the 4-patches were constructed I sewed them together into rows, being careful not to place any repeated fabric too close together.


I quilted diagonally-having read somewhere that diagonal lines create movement– and was pleased with the outcome.I was pleased with my corners! I’m still working on getting my binding right consistently, but Jenny Doan and Kimberly Jolly have helped me with the corners. Thank you Jesus for YouTube!



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