Lauren’s V-Stripe Quilt

My friend Michelle called one day with a question: Her grandmother was no longer able to sew; they were cleaning out her storage building; would I like 3-4 tubs of fabric? NO-BRAINER; that’s a YES!

Then she had another question, totally unrelated to the first- would I consider using the fabric to make a quilt for Grandmother and the 3 great-grandchildren? The only deadline was Christmas 2014 for Grandmother, and this was only summer, so I said sure.

I signed up for Dot Collins’s V-Stripe quilt class at Sew What and brought these fabrics to use. I pieced the back with more fabric from Grandmother’s stash, and straight-stitched quilted it with my walking foot.



Moda Winterlude Table Runners

When I was quilting the first time around there was no internet, no Craftsy, no YouTube, no Pinterest… Only Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. (And paper templates and scissors!) I don’t even know if there were fabric designers who made fabric specially for quilting. But times have changed and now they tempt you for months before a fabric line is released, like the next season of Downton Abbey or something, putting out teasers on Pinterest and on quilting blogs.

I began coveting Moda Winterlude before it was released. Then the Missouri Star Quilt Company featured a charm pack as the Daily Deal, so I ordered 2! A pattern was released with it, but I decided it was too labor intensive, so I went with my old pal half square triangles. I divided the squares into reds, greens, and creams and experimented with different arrangements, finally deciding on the concentric diamonds. I got yardage for the borders and back at Gone Quiltin‘ in Bandera, Texas in August 2014 while doing the Row by Row run. I love the way it turned out!



I had had the blue pieces left so I decided to make a simple square with those. This was my first real project that I quilted free motion. I used a holly leaf motif. There were several “eyelashes” where I went too fast around the curves– the machine beeped at me a lot! (Now, several moNyah’s later, controlling the speed is much easier.)



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Kaffe Fassett Biscuit Basket

I discovered Kaffe Fassett in May 2014 and pretty much was smitten. (Funny how my favorites are these saturated colors, soft shabby chic romantics, 30s reproductions, and Civil War reproductions!) While visiting New England in October 2014, I found this “biscuit basket” pattern. You make tubes and slip really stiff, thick interfacing into them. (I had no idea there even was such a thing!) Then you hand sew circles for the sides and weave them together. It was tricky. Then put a binding on top and run a grosgrain ribbon through- it made a perfect Christmas gift for one daughter– and the other one wants one too!


Fourth of July Table Runner/ Mantel Cloth


One of the quilt shops we visited while on our Arkansas vacation in July 2013 was Sager Creek Quilts in Siloam Springs. It was just beautiful! I got these reds, whites, and blues, thinking I would finish this runner to replace the fall-ish cloth that had been on my mantel forever. It was something like July 2 lol but I don’t really have a good “inner calendar” and hadn’t realized that might not happen. My son and I had a good laugh and said I’d better get started cutting it out with fingernail scissors in the car!

Anyway– I found this star pattern on Pinterest and I made it with all half square triangles. I used a flannel sheet for batting and a cotton tablecloth for the back, both of which I’d gotten at an estate sale. Quilting is in the ditch. It stayed up on my mantel for well over a year… But patriotic is always in style!

Randy’s Arkansas Trip Quilt– “Coming Home”

Shortly after I became obsessed with   really interested in quilting, we vacationed in Arkansas in the summer of 2013 and visited a couple of quilt stores. On the way home, Mr. X said he’d like me to make one for him, so I began asking questions to figure out what kind. We narrowed it down to a traditional Nine-patch design with sashing and a double border; not full-sized, but one for the couch; and very manly. I googled “quilt shops” in towns we’d pass through and found The Whistling Chicken in Carthage, Tx. We spent some time perusing fabrics and he chose these great fabrics- some Civil War reproduction, some that just coordinated nicely. He loves telling people that it’s HIS quilt and HE chose the fabrics! I started this one soon after we got home and it came together very quickly. This was my first one to quilt with top stitching 1/4″ from the seams, instead of in the ditch.

I entered it into our fair in April. I enjoyed seeing it hang and hearing people say they saw my work!

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